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Cream Macaroni / Macaroni Pudding

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  • Cream Macaroni / Macaroni Pudding

    Recipe from an old Lagomarsino & Cuneo catalog. Lagomarsino & Cuneo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was established in 1866.

    Cream Macaroni

    Take one pound of Macaroni, as before stated, after cooking; use a saucepan; put a quarter of a pound of butter, and a spoonful of flour, mixing it over the fire till very hot; pour two thirds of a pint of cream over it; stir the whole till it boils. Season with pepper, salt, and grated nutmeg. Put the Macaroni into the cream; stir it all up, and serve it on a dish.

    Macaroni Pudding

    Take half a pound of Macaroni and a quart of milk; put them to boil for about fifteen minutes; then take them off; put in about two ounces of butter, sugar, and grated nutmeg, according to liking. After it has cooled somewhat, add the yolks of seven eggs, and the whites beaten to a froth. Put it in a baking form, and bake it.