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Platform and decking surfaces for washdown pasta factories

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  • Platform and decking surfaces for washdown pasta factories

    There is an article in the August 2018 edition of Facility Safety Magazine, “Clearing the Air on Floor Testing” by Craig Stephenson regarding slip resistance on walkway surfaces. The article discusses three basic methods of testing friction on a walkway surface: static coefficient of friction, dynamic coefficient of friction, and the articulated strut devices.

    What are the best slip resistant decking materials for a USDA washdown pasta factory where water pooling is possible? I have seen one with deposited molten metal (such as SlipNOT and ALGRIP), fiberglass (such as Chemgrate) and diamond plate.

    Are any of these testing methods applicable in these environments, and what rating or results should I look for in a suitable decking material?

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    The most economical method to get started testing is with the ASM 825A and test to the ANSI B101.1 wet SCOF method. It is suitable for the described hard surfaces. The ASM 825A can test in pooling water, as long as it is below the body of the instrument, about a half inch.


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      Thanks. When the measurement is taken, is there a value ir reading that would be considered a safe, non-slip surface?


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        The ANSI B101.1 standard has a chart to rank surfaces at high traction, moderate traction and minimal available traction. On the wet SCOF you would be looking to be 0.60 or above for a high traction classification. The standard is available for download at . It is about a $50.00 standard, not an expensive one.


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          Thank you. This very helpful.