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CARVER + Shock Method for Food Safety

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  • CARVER + Shock Method for Food Safety

    1. What is the CARVER + Shock method?

    2. Any tips for performing this in a pasta plant?

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    CARVER+Shock is a security vulnerability assessment tool which was developed from a US Military Special Operations Targeting Tool (CARVER) We reversed engineered this targeting tool used to target enemy critical infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities in our own. In 2003, I introduced this methodology to the USDA and FDA at the request of the White House Homeland Security Council. There assessed foodstuffs such as liquid eggs, Pork, Beef, processed meats and Baby Formula. The USDA eventually adopted the CARVER+Shock tool as its official methodology for identifying vulnerabilities within food and agriculture production systems.

    You can read more about it on our web site at