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    Good article on food defense in the April 2019 edition of Food Engineering magazine.

    "Food safety, food defense go hand in hand" by Richard F. Stier

    Here's the basic elements of a food safety management system listed in the article:

    • Sign-in and sign-out procedures for visitors, informing them of plant regulations and requiring proper identification
    • Receiving programs, including bulk receiving
    • Shipping programs
    • Barriers to the plant and grounds that prevent unauthorized access
    • Programs for truckers and contractors
    • Water supply protection measures
    • Protection of stored ingredients, including bulk containers
    • Use of tamper-evident packaging
    • Protection and handling procedures for chemicals
    • Employee sign-in or check-in programs
    • Provisions for employee background checks
    • Internal audit programs
    • Use of closed-circuit television
    • Training of all workers