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Naples Macaroni or Spaghetti Company or Mfg in NY

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  • Naples Macaroni or Spaghetti Company or Mfg in NY

    While researching family history I have several family members who appear to work at the Naples Macaroni or Spaghetti Company or Mfg in New York. I can't find anything on line about this company and thought you might be able to help me!

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    In the late 1800s, Naples was widely associated with a place for making premium pasta, so it’s not surprising that several pasta companies incorporated “Naples” into their name. Also, many skilled pasta makers were from that area, so it makes sense they would carry their trade to their new country. Based on quick research, here are a few companies in North America with that name:

    A January 1916 Simmon’s Spice Mill book stated a Naples Macaroni, Incorporated was established in Brooklyn by B. Crescimanno of Elmhurst, and J. Crescimanno and A. R. Crescimanno of Brooklyn. A 1917-1918 Directory of Directors in the City of New York lists B. Crescimanno as Treasurer and Director and J. Crescimanno as Secretary of the company. A Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Bulletin Volume 4 dated 1922 lists F. A. Tommaso as President and Treasurer of the company, with the location as 238-40 Melrose Street, Brooklyn.

    A 1918 Public Documents of Massachusetts Annual Reports of Public Officers and Institutions lists a Napoli Macaroni Mfg. Co. in Boston. A 1926 New England Business Directory lists a Naples Macaroni Mfg. Co. at 54 Mercy Street, Providence, Rhode Island.

    In a Secretary of State of Illinois report from 1916, there was a Naples Macaroni Company in Chicago. A 1917 edition of Cracker Baker also stated a Naples Macaroni Company incorporated in Chicago with Joseph Giannettasio, A. Maresca and L. B. Fisani as principals. A 1919 edition of the Economist states that a Naples Macaroni Company rented a four-story building at 1420 and 1422 West Monroe Street in Chicago. An April 1, 1922 edition of the American Miller stated the Naples Macaroni Company of Chicago suffered a fire loss on March 2 when the entire interior of its plant was destroyed by fire. The loss amounted to $50,000.

    In 1956-1979, the Reio family opened the Naples Macaroni Company in the historic Hamilton Custom House (built circa 1858) on 51 Stuart Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (see

    I hope this helps.

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