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    Hello friends,
    I am the great-great-granddaughter of Sal Viviano of Vimco (Carnegie, PA) on a neverending quest to document my family's history, specifically in the pasta business. I am in the process of creating a website and, perhaps, biographical account of the Viviano macaroni families, including Salvatore (Vimco), Joseph (Delmonico), and other Viviano ventures in Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit. I know that Viviano was a popular name in the food business, so I am hoping to develop an account of Salvatore, his brother, and cousins through historical documents, newspaper articles, business records, personal accounts, and genealogical information. I have done a lot of research already, but there is only so much out there. I hope that the community can assist me in piecing together the Viviano macaroni family history. Any information (with proper sources/citations!) is much appreciated.

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    Hi Ali. Here are a couple of pictures related to Viviano from the Macaroni Museum.
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      Here are some documents from the United States Patent and Trademark office related to Viviano and Vimco.

      Recommend conducting a search for Viviano Macaroni at the Missouri Online Business Filing search portal at the Missouri Secretary of State website. Here is the link:
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        Please see below for link to Catalogue of Machinery for the Manufacture of Alimentary Pastes from Consolidated Macaroni Machine Corporation from circa 1935. At the end, you can see Viviano Macaroni Mfg. Co., V. Viviano & Bros, S. Viviano Macaroni Company, Kentucky Macaroni Company and Chicago Macaroni Company all used Consolidated Macaroni Machine Corporation pasta machines. Consolidated was the predecessor to DEMACO pasta machines.


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          Thank you very much for this information and leads! Where is the Macaroni Museum?


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            The Macaroni Museum is at DEMACO in Melbourne, Florida. See below to see some memorabilia on display.


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              Here's a "News from around the industry" piece about the retirement of Joseph Viviano in the April 2000 edition of the Pasta Journal by the National Pasta Association.

              Here's the text from the news clip:

              Joseph P. Viviano retired as chairman of Hershey Foods corporation on April 1, 2000.

              Viviano began his career in 1960 with his family pasta business Delmonico Foods, Inc., of Louisville, Ky. He joined Hersey Foods when it acquired Delmonico in 1966. He has held a number of senior positions, including president of Delmonico, president of San Giorgio-Skinner company, senior vice president of Hershey Food, president of Hershey Chocolate USA, and president and COO of Hershey Foods. He served as vice chairman of the corporation since 1998.

              Kenneth Wolfe, chairman and CEO of Hershey Foods, says, "During his 40-year career with Hershey Foods, Joe has been a key factor in its success. His exceptional leadership qualities have served the company well, most notably during his tenure as the head of our pasta, and, later, chocolate and confectionery businesses, both of which he led to number-one market position in their respective industries. Among his many achievements, I would especially highlight his pivotal role in the development and success of our Quality Through Excellence process, a key driver in making the company more competitive."
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