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Ancient grains, heritage grains and heirloom grains

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  • Ancient grains, heritage grains and heirloom grains

    What are the varieties of ancient grains, heritage grains and heirloom grains? Where did they originate? Which ones are good for pasta?

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    Here are a few articles related to this subject:

    The New York Times, "Know Your Heirloom and Ancient Grains", "Q&A: La Brea Bakery discusses heirloom grain fundamentals"


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      Heirloom, ancient and heritage grains seem like a good way to add different flavor to pasta.

      Any recommendations on which ones to use for pasta?

      Are there any milling or processing considerations when using these grains for pasta?


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        I'm interested in Kamut. How is the texture when run as whole wheat?


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          No es un grano duro antiguo pero hace bastantes años el Mexicali era un grano duro precioso ,en casa lo habíamos cultivado, realmente mi zona no era demasiado buena para el grano duro , pero como fue un año con pocas lluvias al final de ciclo ,se hizo un grano grande y vitreo y dió una pasta de las mejores ,
          (He notado que el traductor es muy malo y lo que escribo no sale bien escrito)


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            Does anyone have any experience with the ancient grain from Africa called Fonio? Does it work well in making pasta? Is there any pasta brands that are using it successfully?