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    What is the best RPM for the mixer shafts in a double shaft mixer and a single shaft mixer?

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    On traditional style basin mixers with two mixing shafts, pasta machines typically have a range between 40 and 60 RPM. Braibanti style Italian machines run at about 60 RPM, while machines made by DEMACO in the USA are in the 40 RPM range. There is good reason to believe that mixers with a single shaft benefit from a higher RPM as it reduces the wrapping of dough around the shaft which is frequently more common in this style mixer. Also, the higher speed makes up for the loss of agitation from only using a single shaft.

    Most pasta machines have fixed speed on the mixing shafts. I’m not aware of a study that specifically addresses the advantages and disadvantages of mixer RPM. If anyone knows of one, please post a link. Processing technicians attribute several factors to mixer speed, such as dough wrap around the shaft, gluten damage in the dough, energy efficiency of the machine, and equipment maintenance.


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      I see 40-60 RPM for traditional mixers. Polymatic is another story - I suspect they run faster.